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Music Medics Inc.
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               Music is Medicine"                                                

                                                                 501c3 Nonprofit


Music Medics Inc. was created to offer participants a platform to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions through the creation of music and video recordings.  Music is Medicine; we want to bring new technology in audio and vedio recording to people in need through “user friendly” lap tops and IPods.


Our vision is to promote healing of participants by recording their own music.  A pilot program is underway at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Our goal is to obtain funding to place laptops and IPods loaded with music into hospitals. The music will be made by patients for patients, created to heal and sooth ailments and will be available to veterans with PTSD and all in need. 

This project will allow patients to feel that they can help others through their music and poetry.  Patients can express and share their spiritual needs and pass it on to each other through a website offered by No Capital Records and Music  Each song, poem or video can be professionally polished, recorded and archived for loved ones to view.  Music can instill calmness and serenity that will brighten emotions for all who view it.


Arriving in this world and leaving it are the two most stressful times in our life.  Extremely ill patients are less stressed if they can externalize their thoughts, fantasies and emotions.  The quality of life that remains is important.  Many patients feel trapped with the task of understanding that they may not have a full recovery and need to vocalize it.  Music is a socially acceptable way of externalizing stress and grief.  It has been proven to be therapeutic for patients and staff.  Song writing lifts self-esteem and builds confidence while clarifying one’s recovery. 

How it's working:

Personalized Lyrics and music is easily self-recorded by patients in less than 15 minutes of training via video for Magic Garage, IPods, and Fruity Loops. Children to seniors are enjoying the music that restores faith in recovery.  This project could use more volunteers to help patients and staff learn the uses of music and video for medical purposes.  The benefits of those who volunteer to help with this project are immeasurable. Studies done through Life Chronicles show that students and volunteers get as much or more from this type of program than the patients do. Our target for volunteers is Music therapy and media students. We are looking forward to being involved with the Boys and Girls Club in the coming year.

Financial assistance:

All investments for equipment have been purchased or donated by board members or their family. Money to expand the project will come from grants and sponsors.  We are a nonprofit California corporation and rely on generous donations. To start a music education program in your area or to donate money, equipment or your valuable time to this worthy cause contact us:  or FACEBOOK us


Music Medics is a nonprofit corporation created to provide comfort and healing through the use of music for all in need.


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